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What is a VA or VSP?

What is a VA?A VA (Virtual Assistant), also known as a VSP (Virtual Service Provider), is a home office based professional who uses electronic technology to perform almost everything an onsite employee can do. The role of the virtual business service provider is to work closely with a busy person without needing to be physically present.

With today's technology, you don't need to share an office, a suburb - or even a country with your key staff. Cyberspace Virtual Services can provide you with the services of a skilled and professional virtual business service provider.

Who uses virtual service providers?

Anyone needing that extra pair of hands to get a job done, especially:

Return quality to your personal life!

Hiring a virtual service provider will bring you many benefits:

How does it work and does it work well?

This system works extremely well, because of the availability of modern communications technologies such as e-mail, facsimile, instant messaging and telephone that allow people to be in touch as easily as if they were sitting in the same room as you are.

Once a Service Agreement has been signed, assignments are communicated mostly by e-mail, but can also be sent via facsimile, courier, mail or telephone.

Furthermore, since virtual business service providers are also small business owners, they have a direct interest in ensuring their clients receive quality service. They have a better appreciation of the small business environment than an employee or a temp. Like many of their clients, virtual business service providers are entrepreneurial spirits - experts in their chosen field and capable of having a powerful impact on your productivity.

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